Allied Group Property Services (KL) Sdn Bhd (AGPSKL) is a progressive, innovative and highly experienced professional property management organisation. We deliver uncompromising client services, adding value to residential and commercial properties and facilities.

Our clients are a forward thinking group of people who recognise and understand us as their conflict free, trusted advisor. Their confidence in us comes from knowing our track record in managing estates through development and deployment of strategy-driven plans supported by our know-how, innovative thoughts and business insight.

The operational expertise offered by AGPSKL has been carefully structured based on detailed standard operating procedures (SOP) and site audits which were designed by our consultants, each a specialist in his/her field.

We maintain in-house security consultants to ensure that security, a vital aspect of property management, is of a high standard. Some of our existing sites have been installed with closed circuit colour televisions that come with real time transmission of activities to any remote internet enabled desktop or laptop. This has significantly reduced undesirable activities.

AGPSKL has always emphasised the need to be efficient and the importance of always being on site to handle problems. Our managers have been taught to visualise stepping into the clients’ shoes and deliver to the needs of each client.

Our Methodology

Our approach is consistent for all estates. Each client’s account is managed using a proven methodology, providing the foundation for our strategies and incorporating the following steps:


Be it a single project or integrated group of facilities, we perform a Needs Analysis on each project. Risks and opportunities are taken in account, functional processes are mapped and specific needs identified.


Based on the Needs Analysis, an action plan is formulated. Here, we make recommendations and develop strategies. Realistic and executable courses of action are established. Dialogue sessions are held and completion timelines are worked out and agreed upon.


In the implementation of operational and financial processes, our team will work with our clients to turn strategies into results and recommendations into reality.


Once processes are in place and routine sets in, our management team will ensure internal controls and operating procedures are stringently followed. This is crucial if we expect the operational mechanism to run smoothly.

Our Philosophy

Achieving Goals

As professional managers, we place emphasis on achieving real results. We do this by setting goals and completion timelines, thereafter measuring our performance against these goals and timelines. In AGPSKL, we recognise the importance of establishing priorities supported by regulations and ensuring that they are enforced. Mobilising the right teams, setting standards and providing the know-how ensure that we achieve our targeted goals.


We believe that at the core of every successful relationship with our clients, is a team of dedicated personnel who devotes their time to carefully listen to and understand the client’s needs. We are trained not only to know the needs of our clients but also to deploy the appropriate solutions.


Processes and methodology change and improve all the time. In order to
continuously add value to benefit our clients with the latest offerings and best practices, we keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies available in the market.


Knowledge without experience is useless. Value-added service requires a good blend of experience, skills and knowledge. On average, each member of our management team has over ten years of experience in professional property management.

Managing Projects

Our team is equipped to provide insight, identify issues and implement solutions, which are in line with our clients’ objective, operating environment and financial goals. In short, our project management leadership gives our clients a good level of assurance and confidence.